Tuffy and Tuffy JrTuffy and Tuffy Jr

Reliable standard. For a variety of tasks around the home or farm. Tuffy makes any chore easier. From landscaping to cleaning decks and patios, Tuffy gets the job done every time.


Multi-purpose. Titan’s perfect size and scoop capacity makes it an excellent work-mate for numerous shoveling challenges. Whether it’s removing snow, laying out mulch or mucking a horse stall, you’ll be glad Titan is at your side.

The HinjaThe Hinja

Perfect for small spaces. Tuck it away in your car trunk or under your seat; this compact shovel will always be there when you need it and not in the way when you don’t. Because it’s a collapsible shovel it stores easily in the garage or closet when space is at a premium, especially for condo and apartment living. The Hinja is easily toted since it is lightweight by design.

Mega ScoopMega Scoop

Large capacity. With the one-gallon capacity of Mega Scoop, it’s easy to move bulk materials in just a few fell swoops. And if you’d like to gauge the amount of material you are moving, convenient U.S. and metric measurement marks are located inside the scoop.

Handi Scoop, Handi Scoop Jr. and Mini ScoopHandi Scoop

A Helping Hand. Tasks don’t seem as daunting when you put Handi Scoop to work. Scoop pet or livestock food with ease and spread mulch until your flower beds are works of art.